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What's the average time a groom takes?

The average groom usually takes bout 2 hours however it depends on which service you would like done as well as it depending on your dog's coat condition and whether it is matted or knotty or not. Another thing that affects the time that a groom will take is the size of the dog, the coat type as well as the temperament of the dog and how he/she reacts to the service.

How do I prevent my dog from becoming, matted?

To avoid your dog's coat from becoming matted and knotty it is crucial that you keep up with your dogs routinely groom, which I can then advise you on when your dog should come in next for their groom. Bushing your dog regularly in between grooms is also crucial to avoid matts and tangles in your dog's coat. An additional thing which is especially useful when trying to maintain your dog coat in between grooms is to book them in for a bath and blowdry in between their groom as this will ensure your dog's coat is maintained well especially if his/her coat is high maintenance and prone to matts easily. Another thing that is important is to make sure that when you brush your dog you are using the right type of brush for their coat. If you are unsure of what brush to use feel free to ask me and I will aid you in finding the best brush for your beloved pooch.

Should I feed and walk my dog before a groom?

Yes, please make sure you feed and walk your dog before each groom, this is important because it can help make the grooming process a lot easier for both me and your dog as they will feel more relaxed, content and tired which will mean I can groom them quicker and ensure I can perfect the groom whilst the dog feeling tired and being able to rest during the groom which will be more enjoyable for him/her.

Why is it important to groom my dog?

Having your dog groomed is an essential part of caring for your beloved pet's happiness, health, hygiene and overall wellbeing. It not only eliminates smells and makes them look nice it also helps them to feel good. By fitting in a routine groom, it enables me to do a health check by looking at their teeth, eyes, ears, skin and nails for any potential health problems too, because your pet matters to me as much as it does to you!

How often should I groom my dog?

It all depends on the coat type of your dog. For example, a smooth/ short coat dog should have a full groom is usually required every 8-12 weeks and for a bath, brush & blowdry it is usually required every 4-6 weeks. However for a long/ silky/wool coat then they should have a full groom every 4-12 weeks and a bath, brush and blowdry every 3-4 weeks. For a wired/double coated dog then they should be groomed every 6-12 weeks and have a bath, brush and blowdry every 4-6 weeks.

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