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Overview about me

about me
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My name is Abby, and I am the owner of Poochie Parlour dog grooming salon, I am a fully experienced, trained and insured dog groomer, based in Bexleyheath, Kent.

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Why I chose to be a groomer

I decided to start my own business working with dogs because ever since I was little, I’ve always loved all animals, big and small. At first, I started grooming my dog Bear, I then went on to do families, friends and friends of friend’s dogs, and that's when I  realised that I couldn’t think of anything that I would much rather do than spend my time with animals all day.


One of the best parts of my job is the joy of getting to see all the dogs leaving my parlour happily and relaxed with their fresh groom and seeing their owners’ pleased expressions.

bear ball image .jpg

Bear the 5-year-old labradoodle

Here are some examples of my work:


This is Tiny the long-haired chihuahua she has a longer short-cut with body shaping

This is Pablo the long-haired chihuahua. He has a shortcut with body shaping and a lion styled main.

Our Core values
Our promise to you is.....

core values
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What experience do I have?

  • I have been grooming dogs since 2017.

  • I have completed a level 3 grooming course.

  • I have been running my business for over a year and have built an ever-growing list of loyal clients who have become more like friends.

  • Able to work with dogs of all shapes, sizes, temperaments

  • I have experience with a wide range of breeds ranging from miniature poodles to Akita mixes and Italian Spinone's. 

   To see some of my work or hear from some of my customers I have a gallery and a testimonials page.

About us homepage
about us

About Poochie Parlour

I am a homerun business and have been up operating since 2020.

The grooming environment:

In my Parlour, I always strive to keep a calm, relaxing environment for the dogs so that I can make their experience as


enjoyable and comfortable as possible.

I always focus on forming a positive, trusting relationship with both my dogs and their owners before the grooming begins, so that I can guarantee I am meeting the needs and satisfying them every time. I will always go at the dogs’ pace to ensure they are content and at ease throughout the process, especially taking extra precautions if a dog is injured, elderly or has health conditions. 

This is why I only work with one dog at a time so that I can make sure that I put all of my attention into each dog with every visit. Sometimes I will allow someone who has two dogs within the same family that require to be done together due to being overly nervous as this tends to help the dogs to calm and soothe each other’s anxieties.


My grooming parlour:

groom room_edited.jpg

My promise to you

I will always put the dog first, instead of how quick I can get it done, as it isn't about the efficiency of the groom it is about the quality.  I take my time, work at the dog's speed during grooming and use obvious, deliberate movements. This ensures the dogs are relaxed and comfortable throughout the process. This means that it takes a bit longer, however, this is the best way to avoid traumatising the dog whilst ensuring they have a good experience. 

Within my business, I only use the best products so that I can continuously provide the best results. All the brands that I use are suitable for even the most hypersensitive skin types, they are delicate and are not filled with harsh chemicals. They are also of a professional quality, natural, gentle and are environmentally friendly and cruelty-free.

our promise

Why dog grooming is important

Having your dog groomed is an essential part of caring for your beloved pet's happiness, health, hygiene and overall wellbeing. It not only eliminates smells and makes them look nice it also helps them to feel good. By fitting in a routine groom, it enables me to do a health check by looking at their teeth, eyes, ears, skin and nails for any potential health problems too, because your pet matters to me as much as it does to you!

How I will make it easier for you? 

I will send you reminders for your pet's next groom to help make life easier for you so you never forget your dog's groom.  I am also happy to provide tips and tricks on how to maintain and keep matts at bay and recommend products to help any skin conditions in between grooms.  ​

How to find the right groomer for you? 


I know that finding the perfect groomer is important because leaving your pet with a stranger is never an easy decision as you want to make sure your pet is getting the best possible treatment. This is why I've provided a Q&A section, giving you the opportunity to ask me some of your questions. This will help you to feel comfortable with leaving your beloved family member with Poochie parlour and knowing that I will provide your dog with the highest standard of care. 

Combing the Fur


Phone number - 07446288695
Email -
Instagram - poochie_parlour_

Leave us a message via our 'Contact' page 

Dog Portrait


Dog Portrait


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Monday to  Friday - 8:30 am -5:45pm

Saturday - 8:00 am -9:30 am

Sunday - CLOSED


Address -  20 Avenue Road, DA74ER, Bexleyheath

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